There is nothing worse than being kept awake by owls or losing out on work because of construction noise. If you’ve had enough, we urge you to invest in our soundproof secondary glazing and learn how it works within this guide. 
Is your property getting colder and colder as the years go by? That could be because you have the wrong windows! But we understand the attachment you have to your listed buildings' original windows. So, instead of replacing them, consider secondary glazing. 
Condensation doesn’t just hinder you from getting ready in the morning, but can be detrimental to your health. However, not everyone has the time to wipe clean all their glazing each day, so what else can be done to stop condensation on windows for good? 
In this article, we will discuss how to reduce condensation on windows, the detrimental effects of it, and what causes it. 
What is secondary glazing and where is the perfect place to use it? Secondary glazing is best suited for listed buildings to reduce damage to the property by keeping the original window and adding an extra. But what are the specifics of this? 
Want to know how to decorate windows for Christmas? 
It’s that time of year again where snow is starting to fall and we wonder whether this year will be a white Christmas. But just in case it’s not, we have some Christmas window decoration ideas that will make December feel that extra bit festive. 
If you pay your own energy bills, or contribute to them, you know the struggle of winter inflation. While you can wrap up under the covers with a hot beverage and comfort food, it doesn’t provide the same warmth your heater does. But the cost of constant heating amounts, so what can you do to prevent this? 
Want to know how to keep heat in your house? Read on to learn how to save on energy bills and check for poorly insulated windows. 
There’s no end to where secondary glazing can be used. Just moved into a cottage with a lack of insulation? Wanting to update your school’s vintage windows with something more heavy-duty and safe? Secondary glazing is for you, no matter the property type or its size. 
From its soundproofing ability to keeping you warm during winter, there’s also endless benefits to installing secondary glazing. Why not consider adding to your older windows with something more economical? 
Read on to discover all the benefits of secondary glazing. 
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