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Secondary Glazing Colchester, Essex 

Manufacture to installation, we're here for you with secondary glazing in Colchester, Essex. 
Secondary glazing is the addition of a slim window that fits inside the existing window. It's proven to cut the cost of your energy bill and reduce heat loss. 
Create a cosier, more cost-effective home for you and your family, with NRG Glass. Enquire today about our secondary glazing in Colchester and Essex. 
For insight into what secondary glazing is and where it is used, view our blog today
What are the Benefits of Seconday Glazing? 
Wondering how secondary glazing can benefit the modern home? Here are the key benefits: 
The elimination of cold draughts 
Increased home security 
To further discuss the benefits of seconday glazing, get in touch with the NRG Glass team. 
For a breakdown of the benefits of secondary glazing, view our blog today. 

Secondary Double Glazing Colchester, Essex 

We make houses into homes with our secondary double glazing in Colchester, Essex. 
We make homes more cost-effective, warmer and secure with our styles of secondary double glazing. 
Horizontal Sliding 
Vertical Sliding 
Lift Out 
UV Protection 
We can also glaze the secondary glazing with 6.4mm laminated glass, this will block 99% of UV rays coming into your home, which will stop your furniture fading blinds going brittle etc. 
10 Year Guaranteed
As one of the leading Essex secondary glazing manufacturers and installers, our services are customised to meet your specifications and our products are second to none. We use an efficient sealing mechanism, which is effective in keeping the cold out and the heat in by providing a thermal insulation to your home, office or listed building. 

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Lift Outs 
Horizontal Sliders 
Counter Balanced Sliders 
Easy Clean Tilt-in Counter Balanced Verticals. 

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Frequently asked questions 

What is Secondary Glazing? 
Secondary glazing consists of two or more glass window panes that are separated by a space. This space reduces heat transfer across the part of the building. Secondary glazing is a cost effective and efficient way of improving the heat retention, sound reduction and security of a window. This type of glazing is becoming increasingly popular for all modern homes. 
What does Secondary Glazing look like? 
Secondary glazing is a slim, lightweight aluminium powder coated frame, with either soundproof or insulated glass. The secondary glazing is installed behind the original window, which can be horizontal and vretical sliding, hinged or lift out design. 
What Is the Consultation and Quote Process? 
Please contact us via webform or telephone with any questions and details about your project. For example, current windows, problems, potential benefits and type of window required. We will then arrange an onsite visit to measure your window area and provide a free quote. 
What Is the Installation Process? 
Once happy with your product, we will arrange an installation time that suits you, preferably between 9am and 2pm. Depending on the amount of windows, it typically takes a few hours to a day to install multiple windows. 
What Is the Lead Time for Secondary Glazing? 
Our typical lead times are two to eight weeks depending on the amount of windows. We ensure your products are perfect before installation. 
Is secondary glazing soundproof? 
Whilst not completely soundproof, secondary glazing does provide a significant reduction in noise. The larger air space created by secondary glazing decouples the movement of the inner and outer glass, which means they act as separate barriers, thereby reducing resonance and performing better than standard sealed unit double glazing. 
How effective is secondary glazing? 
Secondary glazing is a highly cost-effective solution to insulating and soundproofing your windows; that is what makes it so popular. If you’re looking for quality secondary glazing in Colchester, Essex, contact NRG Glass for the most effective secondary glazing you can find. 

Our Testimonials 

I just wanted to say thank you for supplying and installing our secondary glazing. The windows are hardly noticeable but have done wonders for reducing the road noise. I found your service, friendly, efficient and reliable and would definitely recommend you 
Many thanks, Katy 
We would highly recommend this company. We only had half our cottage fitted, but already booked to have the rest fitted. It has made a huge difference to our draughty cottage. Very pleased with the price and quality of the product and fitting. 
Mr Wase, Essex 
Would highly recommend NRG Glass after having all the windows in our house fitted with there modern secondary glazing system. 
Mr Parish, Essex 
Found Them Honest And Reliable, A Good Family Company. Pleased I Found This Company. 
Adrian C 

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