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Secondary Glazing Colchester, Essex 

We are a family business that specialise in the manufacturing and installing of secondary glazing Colchester, Essex. All the windows are manufactured here in our own workshop, which gives us total control over the quality from manufacturing to installation. 
If you are unsure what secondary glazing is? It's quite simply the addition of a slim secondary window that fits inside the existing window, which helps in soundproofing and insulating your property. All of our secondary glazing is made to measure to match the primary window exactly, including powder coating the frames any colour to seamlessly fit into your home to retain the character of your property. 
Take a look at our services today. We investigate secondary glazing insulation effect, secondary glazing noise reduction, secondary glazing condensation and many more! 

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Key Benefits 
Eliminate cold draughts 
Reduce heat loss 
Retain property character 
Greatly improve sound insulation 
Increase home security 
Reduce condinsation 

Secondary Double Glazing Colchester, Essex 

We take pride in being experts when it comes to secondary double glazing in Colchester, Essex. Some of the benefits of secondary glazing include eliminating drafts, improving sound insulation and increasing security. This can be particularly beneficial for old historical and listed houses as it does not compromise the exterior of the house. With our secondary double glazing you can also reduce heat loss and cut down your heating bill as a result. As leading secondary glazing manufacturers in Colchester, we offer a wide range of window styles to choose from; from hinged/fixed to counter balanced sliders, you are sure to find a style to suit your home. 
Horizontal Sliding
Horizontal Sliding 
Vertical Sliding
Vertical Sliding 
Lift Out
Lift Out 
Fixed / Hinged
Fixed / Hinged 
UV Protection 
We can also glaze the secondary glazing with 6.4mm laminated glass, this will block 99% of UV rays coming into your home, which will stop your furniture fading blinds going brittle etc. 
10 Year Guaranteed
As one of the leading Essex secondary glazing manufacturers and installers, our services are customised to meet your specifications and our products are second to none. We use an efficient sealing mechanism, which is supremely effective in keeping the cold out and the heat in by providing a thermal insulation to your home, office or listed building. 

Window Styles Available 

Fixed, Hinged, Lift Outs, Horizontal Sliders, Counter Balanced Sliders, Easy Clean Tilt-in Counter Balanced Verticals. 
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Secondary Double Glazing in Colchester, Essex 




Listed Buildings 

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