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Secondary Glazing for Insulation 

NRG Glass provides secondary glazing for insulation in Colchester, Essex. We provide our services to you with pride and professionalism; which leaves the customer with excellent quality secondary glazing insulation. 
Secondary Glazing is the optimal choice for thermally insulating your home ready for the colder months. In fact, secondary glazing can improve the thermal insulation of a window by up to 70%. This will reflect the heat back into the room, making out secondary glazing insulation an energy efficient choice for your home. 
So naturally, using secondary glazing for insulation is the right choice for your home. 

Double-Glazing Insulation Colchester, Essex 

Searching for a high-quality double-glazing insulation in Colchester, Essex? NRG Glass is here to help. 
The heat insulation of a window is expressed as the U value. The lowest U value provides the best insulation. 
A single glazed metal window will typically have a U value of 5.7. 
A single glazed timber window will typically have a U value of 4.8. 
A double glazed timber or PVC window will have a U value of between 2.7 – 1.8. 
Double-glazing is the optimum glazing solution to insulate your home. 
Make your bills smaller and your home warmer, with NRG Glass’ double-glazing insulation effect for Colchester, Essex. 
Part L of the building regulations for replacement double glazed windows set a U value of 2.00. Standard 4mm glass secondary glazing over an average single glazed window achieves a U value of 2.5. 
Secondary glazing with 4mm thermal (Pilkington K Glass) will typically achieve a U value of 1.8-1.9 The Pilkington K glass in secondary glazing reflects most of the heat back into the room.  
Secondary glazing can be fitted to improve thermal insulation as well as eliminating draughts. Secondary glazing can improve the thermal insulation of a window by up to 70%
View our blog today to learn how insulating for winter will save you money

Eliminating Draughts 

Draughts through your windows can create cold spots around the room, particularly around the legs and feet, as a result heating is normally turned up higher to compensate. 
The tight tolerances designed into our secondary glazing system keeps cold air and dust out whilst retaining the warm air in the building. 

Air Permeability Test 

This defines the ability of the window to resist air penetration when it is subjected to differential pressure and is a measure of the air which seeps through the test window at given test pressures. 
The secondary met the stringent test results of Pressure Class 300Pa, and was tested by BSI to the following standards. 
BS 5368: Part 1 
BS 6375: Part 1 

Window Styles Available 

Extensive use is made of air-conditioning in today's busy offices, shops and at home. Installing secondary glazing will help to reduce the energy used in cooling the building and stops cool air escaping out through your windows. 
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Frequently asked questions 

How Much Heat can I Save with Secondary Glazing? 
You can save an estimated 50% to 75% of heat with secondary glazing. 
Does secondary glazing insulate? 
Secondary glazing is the process of installing an independent window on the room side of any existing windows. As well as improved security and noise reduction, secondary glazing is a fantastic thermal insulation solution. Installing secondary glazing eliminates draughts and helps you retain heat in the home. As a result, you will have a warmer home and make substantial energy bill savings. 
How do you insulate double glazing? 
Although double glazing provides great thermal insulation, there are additional measures you can take to ensure you retain as much heat as possible. If you have a larger budget, secondary glazing is a fantastic insulation option. You will also strengthen your home’s security and minimise external noise. Cheaper alternatives include using draught excluders on your windows as well as purchasing insulated curtains. 
Why is a double glazed window a better insulator? 
Double glazed windows are a staple in modern property development. The name, double glazed, refers to the construction of the window itself: two panes of glass are placed close together. There is an exterior and interior glass pane as well as a small space in the centre known as an air pocket. The trapped air within the window’s air pocket cannot circulate, making it a poor conductor. This, in turn, reduces the rate of heat loss from inside the property. As you are able to retain more heat, the room stays warmer for longer. 

Our Testimonials 

I invited NRG Glass and other companies to come and quote on secondary glazing for a period property, which had single glazed sash windows. The aim was for insulation and noise reduction. NRG was the first company to respond and was able to make an appointment quickly to assess the issue. 
They presented a number of solutions and were very open and up front about the pro's and con's of each. After a while, they presented a multi-solution proposal, which was within my expected budget, and they were able to come and fit within 4 weeks.  
The fitting was quick and professional, and sympathetic to the style of the windows. Rob and Jeff were friendly throughout. I can strongly recommend NRG for secondary glazing, and would definitely use them again. 
Guy Clark, Wethersfield 

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