There’s no end to where secondary glazing can be used. Just moved into a cottage with a lack of insulation? Wanting to update your school’s vintage windows with something more heavy-duty and safe? Secondary glazing is for you, no matter the property type or its size. 
From its soundproofing ability to keeping you warm during winter, there’s also endless benefits to installing secondary glazing. Why not consider adding to your older windows with something more economical? 
Read on to discover all the benefits of secondary glazing. 

But What is Secondary Glazing and How Does it Differ From Other Glazing? 

Secondary glazing offers a separate pane of glass fitted inside your window that allows a gap between the existing window and the new one. This reduces the heat intake, making the temperature near-perfect for any season. 
Essentially, single glazing doesn’t offer the benefits that secondary glazing does. Single glazing is standard, but more people are flocking towards safer alternatives that are less fragile, such as double, secondary or even triple glazing. 
Both double and triple glazing offer better insulation and reduced condensation, but they’re expensive and bring the hassle of removing the original windows. Secondary glazing can be installed despite single glazing and is recommended for most buildings as a cost-effective alternative. 


It doesn’t matter whether you’re living in a flat in a noisy city or battling the sound of farm animals in the middle of nowhere, noise will creep through your single glazing and disturb you. Secondary glazing has sound reduction ability with its two-pane feature that acts as an air gap, blocking sound by 75%
Can you hear that? It’s the sound of peace and quiet… 

Reduced Condensation 

Condensation is formed by the moisture on your cold windows, leaving fog on them. While it might be fun to draw on before it clears in three seconds, it makes your home colder and doesn’t allow you to look out your windows. While secondary glazing and condensation go hand-in-hand, it’s a problem with other glazing. 
Contrary to belief, condensation still appears in double glazing as much as it does in single glazing. However, it’s only a problem for double glazing when the panes aren’t sealed properly. Secondary glazing stops condensation inside your windows, at least on the outside of your window. 


With the double-pane feature and reduction in condensation, your home will automatically be warmer. Secondary glazing heat insulation is 70% more effective than other glazing. There'll be no need to turn on the heating everyday or throw on that blanket during cold days, and the great thing is that it won’t overheat you during the summer either. 

Suitable for Listed Buildings 

Listed buildings are heritage sites, usually from decades ago, given extra governmental protection. That means you cannot change or deconstruct an important building like you could a normal one. For this reason, secondary glazing is a popular option for listed buildings because you are only adding a second window to protect the original. 
Planning permission is still required, but its approval it’s more likely than if you were to ask to replace the windows. Afterall, some older windows are made from rare materials we no longer use or have much of, such as antique stained glass. 

Different Colours 

Secondary glazing has more colour options than other glazing. While you could stick to that neutral white, why not shake things up with the RAL colour chart? RAL is Europe’s colour system established by Germany’s National Commission for Delivery Terms and Quality Assurance. 
Thousands of colours are attributed to this diagram, but around 200 are used for painting secondary glazing. To summarise, if you’re looking for the perfect colour, the RAL system will help you shade match your walls to your windows, and give you the official colour name you see professionals use everyday. 

More Security 

Unlocked doors and windows are the most common break-in points in the UK, especially at night. What’s worse than having unlocked windows is having weak ones. Whether it’s kids kicking footballs or a burglar throwing a stone through the original window, you’ll have your secondary glazing as backup. 
This should give you enough time to call the police and deter further crime. The mess will be reduced to the outside of your house or on your windowsill, making it easy to clean. Overall, you’ll feel safer during day and night knowing you’ve got an extra layer of protection. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Secondary glazing provides many benefits you’re discovering now, but did you know that it’s one of the most sustainable materials? Not only does it reduce the cost and waste of not disposing of the original window, it also reduces your heating bill and carbon footprint, and can be 100% recyclable. 

Easy Installation 

Secondary glazing is known for being easy to install. In fact, a professional team could install an entire house’s windows in less than 24 hours - keeping in mind the size of the house. In comparison, installing one single glazed window could take several hours. 
It’s also a great option for DIYers who can’t afford a professional team or just want to improve their handy skills. However, we always recommend you go with an experienced and qualified company when possible. 


We’ve already discussed the environmentally friendly aspects of secondary glazing, but it’s also the most cost-effective option too. You could save thousands by ditching other glazing and converting to secondary instead. 
Also, you could be charged to dispose of your old windows because of their materials, but you would 100% have to pay for the removal of them on top of replacing them. It’s much cheaper to install secondary glazing alongside the old windows. 
These secondary glazing benefits are astounding to say the least. Whether you want to stay warm during winter and cap your heating bills, or support the environment by making a sustainable choice, secondary glazing is the best choice for you. 
NRG Glass provides an economical, stress-free way of installing secondary glazing without the hassle of research and hidden costs. Contact us today to enquire about our services, or send us your request and we’ll be happy to discuss it further. 
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