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Secondary Glazing for Condensation in Colchester, Essex 

Looking for secondary glazing for condensation in Colchester, Essex? Look no further than NRG Glass. 
Our solutions can help reduce condensation by up to 95%, therefore eliminating rising mould issues within the home. As approved by TrustMark, Registered Fairtrades and Pilkington, our team works hard to install all of our solutions with the utmost care and efficiency. This is what makes us great and what contributes to our 5-star reviews
We took this picture half way through a large installation of a property in Braintree Essex. We installed the right hand window and on returning the next morning to finish the bedroom we had the perfect opportunity to take this picture to show first hand how much Secondary Glazing reduces condensation. 
So contact us today for a free quote, and get started with your secondary glazing for condensation in Colchester, Essex. 
Are you wondering 'How can I stop condensation on windows?' View our article today for our experienced insight. 

Condensation between secondary glazing, Colchester, Essex 

If you’re in need of a solution for that pesky condensation between your secondary glazing in Colchester, Essex, contact NRG Glass today. 
When you get an installation with NRG Glass, you’re guaranteed the most efficient installation, complete with our modern techniques of fitting secondary glazing. Our solutions help to keep condensation out, which can have detrimental effects on your health. By stopping the growth of mould, you’re keeping your home and internal air cleaner and safer for you and your family. 
Contact today to be the next to benefit from our highly-rated solutions in Colchester, Essex! 
Take a look at our services today. We investigate secondary glazing insulation effect, secondary glazing noise reduction, double glazing for listed buildings and many more! 

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Frequently asked questions 

How do you stop condensation in secondary glazing? 
Condensation generally occurs on surfaces that are colder than the surrounding air. Installing secondary glazing will help you retain heat in your property. The seal without the window works to ensure the inner glass doesn’t get too cold. Therefore, in theory, secondary glazing itself should stop condensation forming. 
Does secondary glazing cause damp? 
Secondary glazing actually improves the thermal efficiency of your home and eliminates cold spots and draughts. As a result, the likelihood of damp forming in your house is greatly reduced. 
Does secondary glazing film stop condensation? 
Installing secondary glazing in your property is a great way to reduce condensation. Though, occasionally, there are conditions where condensation cannot be reduced. The seal provided by secondary glazing prevents your property’s inner glass from becoming too cold. As a result, condensation is unable to form. Our secondary glazing solutions can help reduce condensation by up to 95%, therefore eliminating rising mould issues within the home.  
Why do I have condensation on my windows? 
Condensation forms when water vapour inside your home is unable to escape. The amount of water vapour builds up in the air and, when it can hold no more, it liquifies on a colder surface (usually your windows). 

Our Testimonials 

The new secondary glazing NRG have installed in our house is amazing! We have old Crittall windows, which are lovely, but we have suffered from drafts and condensation since we moved to the house. NRG's installation has stopped all those problems associated with Crittall windows so we now have draft-free living spaces and the house is definitely warmer. The slim-line glazing units are discreet and in keeping with the original Crittall designs.  
Geoff and Rob are very professional in the way they work, providing affordable estimates for the work, undertaking the installation quickly and ensuring that everything was done cleanly and efficiently. They are also very friendly and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended to us by a friend who had also had secondary glazing fitted by NRG, we recommend them to anyone looking for secondary glazing. 
Steve and Andrea 
Virtually eliminated our condensation problem. Great. 
Mrs Bryant 
Would highly recommend NRG Glass after having all the windows in our house fitted with there modern secondary glazing system. 
Mr Parish, Essex 

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