Want to know how to decorate windows for Christmas? 
It’s that time of year again where snow is starting to fall and we wonder whether this year will be a white Christmas. But just in case it’s not, we have some Christmas window decoration ideas that will make December feel that extra bit festive. 

Can Secondary Glazing Be Decorated without Damaging the Glass? 

Yes, it is possible to decorate your windows without damaging them. However, there are definitely things you should avoid. Before we get into our ideas, we need to know the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of Christmas decorating. 


Block the exit 
Harsh adhesive 
Normal felt tips 


Christmas window stickers 
Christmas window drawing 
Christmas windowsill decorations 
Light-up window decorations 
Window snow 
Curtain poles 

Christmas Window Decoration Ideas 

Despite the many things to avoid, it’s easy to work around these and still have the Christmassy window display you’ve dreamed of. Still want to know how to decorate windows? Let’s get into our Christmas window decoration ideas, shall we? 

Christmas Window Stickers 

If you’re looking to decorate the actual glass, Christmas window stickers are the best way to take up a lot of space and still protect your window. Seeing the sticker is easy to peel off, you have a variety of choices from snowflakes to reindeers. 

Window Snow 

We have some news to break to you… Spraying fake window snow with an aerosol can directly onto your glass is not safe. Without following the proper guidelines, you are risking your health and your window. Taking off the snow could also cause scratches, so we recommend buying literal fake snow for your windowsill instead. 

Christmas Window Drawing 

Christmas window drawing is perfect for those feeling creative. The window is your oyster and there is no limit to what you can design. We recommend using a white glass pen and being very careful when taking off the ink to reduce permanent marks. 

Light-Up Window Decorations 

Light-up window decorations are a given for anyone wanting to brighten their space without physically decorating the window. Simply tie some lights, baubles, and a wreath to your curtain pole—without blocking the exit—and your display will instantly look colourful and Christmassy! Just make sure they don’t touch the glass to reduce scratches. 

Christmas Windowsill Decorations 

Again, if you’re afraid of damaging your window, why not make use of the space around it? Some Christmas windowsill decorations include ornaments, candles, elves, and mini trees. They’re so easy to find at charity shops if you’re looking for some vintage charm or an array of decorations. 

Reduce Condensation with Secondary Glazing at NRG Glass 

Now you know how to decorate windows, it’s time to tackle the condensation. During the colder months, condensation can cause mould, further causing damp if not quickly removed. Your decorations may hide this issue, but they are also at risk of being damaged. 
While it’s recommended to remove condensation and open your windows every morning, it’s not always possible to do so. And no one wants to decorate their windows only to move the décor and wipe the glass every day. 
However, NRG Glass has a solution for you. We supply and install durable secondary glazing that naturally reduces condensation and outside noise, and increases insulation to keep you warm. Contact us today with any questions and important details, and we will get back to you with a quote. 
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