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Secondary Glazing for Soundproofing Colchester, Essex 

At NRG Glass, we offer secondary glazing for soundproofing in Colchester, Essex. Whatever your noise issue is, we can make your home peaceful. Whether you're trying to reduce or retain noise, soundproofing is the ideal solution. Secondary glazing can reduce noise by up to 75%. 
If you’re ready to soundproof your home and block out the noise of life, get in touch with NRG Glass today to get a free quote from our team, directly. 

Soundproof Secondary Glazing Colchester, Essex 

Soundproof secondary glazing in Colchester, Essex is available with NRG Glass. Soundproofing works by increasing the gap (cavity) between the existing window and the secondary frame, making for effective soundproofing. 
NRG Glass is a leading provider of soundproof secondary glazing in Colchester, Essex. We are a family-run business and take great pride in providing the best service to all of our customers. With over 60 years combined experience, you can get your glazing with confidence, knowing that it is being done by experts. 
Secondary glazing is an effective method of reducing noise pollution, whether you are looking to guard against noise, road traffic or to retain noise i.e pubs, clubs etc. By increasing the gap, otherwise known as the cavity, between the existing window and the secondary frame, the better the sound proofing becomes. Road traffic noise pollution can be reduced by up to 75% and can be reduced further by using acoustic glass. 
Fitting secondary glazing can reduce busy noise traffic by up to 75%.  

How does sound travel? 

Sound travels through the air like ripples on a pond surface. The sound radiates outwards in all directions from the source, Gradually reducing intensity or untill an object stops its progress. 

What is sound measured in? 

Sound is described in different ways but primarily in terms of intensity and frequency. The sound intensity is described in db. A low db indicates a soft sound; a high db value indicates a loud sound. Frequency describes how high or low pitched the sound is (Hz). 

How does noise reduction work? 

A sound's volume at 60dB decreased by... 
3dB is just perceptible 
5dB clearly noticeable 
10dB half the original volume 

Recommended indoor ambient noise levels for homes: 

Bedrooms 30-35dB 
Living rooms 30-40dB 

Secondary glazing test by BRE 

At the Building Research Establishment in Watford, a primary window with 4mm glass was tested with our secondary glazing installed behind and achieved the following results. 

The existing window achieved a reduction of 26 dB 

With secondary glazing installed with a 100mm air gap between the two, the following results were achieved: 

The results: 

Glass type 
Estimated Reduction 
4mm Glass 
6mm Glass 
Acoustic Glass 

What is Stadip Silence Glass? 

SGG STADIP SILENCE contains a special acoustic interlayer which not only bonds the glass but also acts as a dampening core between the glass panes, preventing sound frequencies vibrating from one pane of glass to the other. 
Normal windows have a 'resonant frequency', at which they vibrate more significantly reducing their acoustic insulating performance. Stadip Silence Glass in secondary windows will considerably reduce the passage of sound frequency. 
Additional benefits are its full compliance as a security and safety glass with the benefit of UV filtration helping protect furnishings from fading. 
SGG STADIP SILENCE is ideal for any application in the home where there is a need to insulate against excessive noise levels. It is particularly effective against traffic noise when used in windows facing onto busy roads. 

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Frequently asked questions 

Is Secondary Glazing Good for Noise Reduction? 
Yes, secondary glazing can block external noise pollution up to 80%. This includes traffic, people, alarms, weather and other sounds you hear on a daily basis. 
How Much Road Noise Could Secondary Glazing Block Out? 
Secondary glazing can reduce road noise 40% to 80%. This includes buses, cars, motorcycles and any other transportation. 
What glazing is best for noise reduction? 
Many people looking to stop external noise from leaking into their property opt for glazed windows. There are a number of options on the market today. As well as traditional double glazed windows, triple glazed windows are now available and widely used. Although you can expect to pay more for the same window if it is triple glazed, studies have indicated that they are a more effective tool for reducing external noise. 
How can I make my double glazing quieter? 
Although double glazed windows reduce noise pollution significantly, it is difficult to eliminate altogether. If you are still suffering from noise pollution, there are a few solutions which may help. Acoustic curtains are a fantastic way to create another noise cancelling barrier between yourself and the outside of your property. Additionally, sealing any gaps in around windows will help you both retain heat and minimise noise. Weather stripping is a cost effective way to do this. 

Our Testimonials 

The secondary glazing has considerably reduced the noise at the front of our property and is very discreetly fitted inside our period box sash windows. Recommended them to our neighbours. 
Mr Sutton, Suffolk 
I just wanted to say thank you for supplying and installing our secondary glazing. The windows are hardly noticeable but have done wonders for reducing the road noise. I found your service, friendly, efficient and reliable and would definitely recommend you 
Many thanks, Katy 
NRG glass supplied me with a made to measure 3 panel secondary glazing unit. It has eliminated the problem noise, looks good and the price was very fair. 
This is a family business who were very helpful and friendly and it was a pleasure dealing with them. 
Paul Richards 
NRG Glass guys installed the double glazing today - as agreed. All three rooms are done. The job is done in good quality, it looks good and the sound proofing brilliant. I would recommend them without any hesitation. 

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