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From quiet country cottages with draughty inefficient windows through to noisy city street with a need for sound proofing, secondary glazing can provide a cost effective solution. 
Secondary glazing involves adding an additional slim line window inside your existing windows. It is a cost efficient and effective method of sound proofing and insulating your home. 
Tailor-made units are manufactured to exact specifications. Combined with our highly efficient sealing qualities, this makes our system the obvious choice for the discerning buyer. 
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Tel: 01376 320811 
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Fitting secondary glazing is an excellent method of saving energy and eliminating draughts. It is ideal for listed buildings where replacement windows are not permitted. Recommended by English Heritage. 
Designed to match your existing windows, so when fitted, the secondary glazing is hardly visible. 
Modern slim line system, manufactured from powder coated aluminium extrusion. All windows are manufactured in our own factory, enabling us to control the quality from manufacture through to fitting. 
Secondary Double Glazing is an effective method of reducing noise pollution, which is handy if you live near a busy road, railway line or airport. 
If you require extra soundproofing, here at NRG GLASS we can offer you the latest range of acoustic laminate glass. 
Laminated glass also offers excellent UV Protection, It blocks 99% incoming UV radiation. 
Secondary Double Glazing will also reduce condensation by up to 95%. 
Fly screens can also be installed behind a glazed panel to offer additional protection throughout the year against airborne and crawling insects. Environmental Health Officers recommend fly screens as an approach to prevent diseases. 
Opt for secondary glazing on your windows—both at home and in your workplace—to block out external noises and conserve energy all at the same time. 
Choose from a wide range of window styles offered, that best suit your existing window type. 

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Window Styles Available 

Fixed, Hinged, Lift Outs, Horizontal Sliders, Counter Balanced Sliders, Easy Clean Tilt-in Counter Balanced Verticals. 
NRG Glass Manufacturers and Installers is a London based business that deals with the installation of secondary glazing on fixed windows. Why not call us today. 
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